ORP Compendium Wiki

Welcome to the ORP Compendium Wiki!


This is a preservative gallery of various aspects of the Roblox game named Obscurio / OBSCURE RP. This is planned to include different iterations of the game's worlds, characters, update logs, etc.. There are thousands of characters, so it may take a while to document all of them. This wiki is specifically for archiving purposes.

Want to Contribute?

If you would like to help, feel free to contribute to image galleries or create pages with characters that have not been given pages yet. Please take in-game screenshots of the characters, and only use source material images of the character if the character is extremely obscure and has little to no proof of existence online (see Mario Kart Announcer and Dr. Mario-kun characters). Currently the best recommended way to contribute is making game pages and detailing character & species pages with alignment, residence / habitat, ability, and weakness info.

Do not make pages on individuals related to ORP within its community, nor refer to them without permission for their safety and in respect for anonymity. Do the same for pages on events that may have involved particular people if made, excluding as much detail about them as possible. This is to prevent possible harassment and conflict.